kit-kat-touch v1.1.0

kit-kat-touch - Control Your 3DS like Never Before
A Fork of the MEGA toolkit chain kit-kat.exe by
  • Wireless Video Streaming to PC (with NTR CFW + NTRViewer.exe)
  • Xbox Gamepad Support (Control your 3DS over Wifi with any XInput Controller)
  • Ability to Control 3DS Touchscreen w/ Mouse Input (add Gamepad Support with Joy2Key)
  • Rosalina menu Gamepad Support (Luma v8.0 Only)
Must be used with Vitrite + Joy2Key/Glovepie Programs to achieve full feature list)

Direct Download:
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Github Release: Click Here

GBATemp Thread: Click Here


User Interface:

Demo GIF:

Touchscreen Video Tutorial:

Wiimote + Nunchuck Demo:

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